We are socially and voluntarily engaged as a law firm and take on pro bono legal work in appropriate cases.


As an expression of our social role as one of the leading white-collar crime law firms, we take on legal advisory assignments in appropriate cases that promote a good cause or help indigent legal seekers. Recipients of pro bono legal advice from us are especially non-profit institutions and private individuals in areas such as human rights and the rule of law. No fee or only a reduced fee is charged for pro bono legal advice, insofar as this is permissible under the relevant professional regulations. If you have any questions about our pro bono work, please contact Dr. Florian Ufer and Dr. Andreas Weitzell.


We promote the voluntary commitment of our lawyers and staff. They have the opportunity to get involved in a social or charitable project during their regular working hours and thus make a personal contribution to our society.


Among other things, the firm decides at the end of each year which social project is to be supported by an annual donation. The recipients of the donations are in particular non-profit institutions and foundations in areas such as education and science, health, the environment and the fight against hunger and poverty.